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Stuarts Draft Basketball League
As a vital part of its commitment to youth athletics programs, Valley Sports Association sponsors the Stuarts Draft Basketball League. SDBL is a youth league, dedicated to offering a high quality recreational basketball opportunity to youngsters from the ages of 5 to 14 in the Stuarts Draft area.

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About SDBL

We provide developmental basketball in our youngest division, the "Youth League".  Our focus is on skill development and fun! We employ shorter "full" courts, playing across the court, use 8 foot goals, and a 27 inch ball.
Then we offer the "Rookie League".  We move up to full courts and a 10 foot rim, but to support their growth and development as players, we continue to use a 27" ball.
Next is our "Junior League".  At this age level, Juniors use the 28.5" ball to foster additional confidence and develop skills with a ball appropriate to the size and strength of children at this age.
And finally there is our "Senior League".  The Seniors play on a regulation size court with a regulation size ball.
In each of our age divisions, the rules have been modified to reflect the skill development and understanding of the game at a level appropriate to the age. As an added bonus, every player shoots free throws at half time that are counted toward the game score, providing every player an uncontested opportunity to score and help his or her team!  What's more, SDBL is a recreational league and as such guarantees that every player, regardless of skill, is guaranteed to play at least half of every game.
VSA is committed to making the recreational basketball experience for children in the Stuarts Draft area a good one - with the focus at SDBL being on fun, learning the fundamentals of the game, and competing in an environment where good sportsmanship comes ahead of winning and losing. 

The rules for the various age divisions can be found below.

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